A brief summary of our history:

Laurent Bousis
"The story of My Desires began in 2005, when we were looking for a 'virtual' wedding registry for our honeymoon in the Maldives. We wanted to provide an opportunity for friends and family to make a gift beyond just money, which we found impersonal. We wanted to offer people the choice between different types of more personal gifts to suit all budgets. For example, a cocktail on the beach for 10$, or 1000 miles by plane for 100$, ...

Despite our research, we could not find any solution of this type and decided to create a dedicated website for our wedding registry. It was quite a success and several friends asked us to replicate this concept for them. Due to this, we decided to open the site to the public. Gradually we added new features and as word of mouth began to spread, we saw with surprise that people began to create wish lists for Christmas and birthdays but most of all, baby registries. Future parents seemed to really appreciate not being limited to one store for their baby registry and not requiring friends and family to buy everything in that one store at potentially unfavorable prices.

Over time the site has evolved significantly and the current version launched in 2013 fits all devices from smallest to largest, and allows complete customization of the wish lists and registries including the full-width cover photo in the heading as well as the choice of color combinations.

As such the the basic concept of the My Desires websites was born: allow people to share their desired gifts from any store in total freedom without any constraint."

Today, My Desires is visited by more than 1,000,000 monthly visitors and each month more than 500,000 gifts are added to the wish lists and registries of our users.

In 2019 in France, our lead market, the parents of 125,000 newborns created and distributed a baby registry on the My Desires website. And every year, millions of gifts are added to Christmas wish lists on the My Desires website.


Contents of the presskit:
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