Below are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How can visitors buy a gift ?
Visitors are free to shop around and buy the gift in the store they like (or buy the gift in the store selected by the owners of the wish list or registry). They can then have it delivered at the home of the owners of the wish list or give it to them in person. The guests do not have to create an account on the site to buy a gift on a wishlist or registry.

How can I cancel my reservation ?
If you entered your email address when reserving a gift, a mail was sent to you with a link to cancel the reservations. If you did not enter an email address, you can send us an email to with the firstname and lastname of the wish list or registry as well as the name of the gift you wish to cancel.

Is it possible to make money gifts or make a contribution towards part of a more expensive gift ?
Yes, visitors can make a money gift by following the instructions left by the owner of a wish list or registry on their welcome message. No money is ever transferred through the site and there is no commission on our end. However, the owners of a wish list might choose to use a third party service for cash donations that might charge a fee.

Do you handle the delivery of the gifts ?
We do not handle the purchase, nor the delivery of the gifts. We only provide the means to create and publish wish lists or registries and to allow guests to indicate which gift they would like to buy in order to prevent duplicate gifts.

Do you take a sales commission from the visitors on the gifts ?
No, the site is funded through advertising. No money ever transitions through the site and we never accept payments.

How do I add a gift to my wish list or registry ?
Please watch this how to video for instructions.

How long will the wish list or registry remain accessible ?
As long as you want it to be. You can delete a list when you no longer want it to be accessible.

Can I edit my wish list or registry afterwards ?
Your wish list or registry can be edited at any time.

Can I upload my own pictures for the gifts ?
Yes. Besides linking an image from any website, you can also upload images from your computer up to 10MB. And if you are on a tablet or smartphone, you could even take a picture of a gift you would like in a store and upload it directly to your wish list or registry.

Can I customize the heading of my wish list or registry ?
Absolutely! Not only can you replace the standard picture with your own full width cover photo but you can also pick and choose the color of the page design.

Is my cover photo protected ?
Yes. The cover photos are only visible on your wish list or registry and will be deleted when you delete your wish list or registry. No cover photo will ever be shared with other parties and we will never use it for any other purpose.

Do I need a Facebook profile ?
No. Neither the list owner nor the visitors need a Facebook profile to use our service.

How can I be notified when a gift has been bought or a message has been left on my wish list or registry ?
If you saved your email address ('Account > edit' on your wish list management page) an email will be sent automatically each time a gift has been bought without telling who bought what in case you want to keep the surprise. If you did not receive our emails, please make sure to add to the contacts of your mail client. This will prevent our emails being sent to your spam folder.

Why are some wish lists or registries not shown in the search results ?
There is a setting on the wish list management page to indicate a wish list is still being worked on or should not be shown in the search results when people search for the name of the owner. In that instance, the wish list will only be accessible through its direct link that contains a unique personal code.

Don't you have a mobile app (iOS or Android) ?
The new version of our site is responsive to all screen sizes and adapts to any type of device and connection. That's why we removed the old mobile app from the App and Play Store.

Is this 100% free ?
Yes. Our service is free for both the owner of a wish list or registry and for visitors. The site is funded through advertising.


If you do not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us by email: