The My Desires site allows you to let the owner of a wish list or registry know what gifts you intend to buy from their list of desired gifts.

To do this, you have to click on the link Click here if you intend to buy this gift ! next to the gift you selected.

This will prevent other visitors from choosing the same gift, thereby preventing duplicate or unwanted gifts.

Next, of course you still have to buy the gift. To do so, have multiple options – you can either go to the web page of the gift as linked by the recipient, or go to any store you of your choice. You can have the gift delivered to the owner's address as shared on the site or you can give it to them personally. You also have the option to make a money gift if the recipient left instructions on how to do so.
The choice is yours and there are no obligations; apart from fulfilling your promise to buy the gift you intend to.

If you change your mind or if the gift is no longer available, you can cancel your reservation at any time and make the gift available again for other guests to buy.

You only need to enter a name and optionally an email address when you reserve a gift (no need to create a lengthy account). This will let the owner know who is going to buy what gift.


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